Top Mobile Tech Trends to Watch out for in 2021

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Today, the world is experiencing rapid changes, and that is just because of technology. Technology has made everything fast. Almost everything and everyone is dependent on technology in today’s era. Covid-19 has made the IT professionals’ job even tougher. They need to learn, unlearn and relearn the ways to improve the ongoing technologies.

Conventional ways halt the process of growth. Not only countries but the individuals that do not adopt new changes stay behind and eventually get kicked out from the competition. People who learn, adapt, and update their ways win the race and stand out.

Following are some of the technology trends that are making the rounds in 2021!

5G mobile network

The fifth-generation mobile network didn’t get much attention, and that’s because of the pandemic. Many countries, including Pakistan, haven’t got access to it as of now, but it is the fastest mobile network that provides you with the speed of WIFI. 

5G network is designed to provide ultra-low latency, higher reliability, tremendous network capacity, higher availability, and a consistent and more stable connection to a large number of users.  

Digital payments using mobile phones

Contactless payments are the new trend now. It saves a lot of effort. You do not need to carry anything except your phone, not even your wallet. The word “touch” has gained a lot of importance since 2020. Everything is just a touch away. You can pay your bills, shop online, and perform a lot of tasks using your mobile phone. 

E-health and E-medicine

The facility to get help online from a health care provider for minor inconvenience saves a lot of time and money. E-health and online medicines are the ongoing trends since 2020. E-health got much hype since the pandemic days. It has provided ease in people’s life. With technology, you can get medicine with the help of your mobile phone.

Protection from Cyber-attacks and data breaching

During the year 2020, many malicious cybercrimes had happened.  Around 155 million documents were alone hacked in that year. This brought concern to the IT sector. Many IT experts are working to solve this issue. They have been looking for ways to improve security online in order to save people from such incidents.

Usage of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Since the start of the pandemic, almost every company in the world shifted its working mode to online, which increased the dependence on augmented and virtual reality. The dependence on AR and VR has made the innovation process even faster.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the progress of automation industry

Covid-19 has also realized the importance of artificial intelligence and the automation industry. The demand for this has already increased; it has been foresighted that the future is based on these. During the pandemic days, the shortage of labour was the major issue that put a halt on the supply and chain industry. The automation industry and robotics would be a great help in the manufacturing industry during such times. 

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is an amazing phenomenon. With the help of quantum computing, one can also halt the spread of the virus. It helps in developing vaccines against viral diseases as well because of its ability to analyze and monitor data irrespective of the source.  It also helps manage credit risk in the banking sector. It also helps in detecting fraud and spam. 


The above technological trends show the importance of technology, IoT, and mobile devices. Without technology, we wouldn’t have found the solution to COVID. It was due to technology that everything was moving smoothly. 2020 has forced people to digitize. 

Sharing is Caring

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