Affiliate Disclosure

At Pioneer Strikes, we advise readers by recommending resources, so they can make better choices.

After all, you spend time and work hard on your mission to get all the things on point with essential tools and resources.

When we find something helpful for our readers, we share links to the resource. Sometimes some links are our affiliate ones.

Affiliate Links

Sometimes when we recommend a website, resource, or product, we add a link to the company’s website. If you end up purchasing a product or service that you discovered via our link, we get a commission from the merchant as a small “thank you.”

Sometimes that commission is just a few dollars; sometimes it’s a little more. Sometimes it’s a one-time commission; sometimes it’s a rolling commission.

But the important thing is that referral doesn’t cost you a penny. The entire commission comes out of the vendor’s pocket.

And we only recommend products that we’ve personally or highly recommended by trusted peers. 

The good thing to assume is that any time we link to a third-party product, we might get a small commission.

All good? Great!