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McDonald’s DS: All You Need To Know & How To Play It

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The collaboration between Nintendo and McDonald’s was a unique partnership that resulted in the creation of the McDonald’s DS game. This simulation game was created for the Nintendo DS console. It was used to train new employees in Japan at McDonald’s restaurants. It allowed players to experience the daily operations at a McDonald’s restaurant. You could also create your own virtual restaurant and make business decisions, just like you would in real life.

It’s not clear how common the McDonald’s DS games were among Japanese McDonald’s franchises or how long they were used for employee training. According to some rumors, the game was not available to all employees and was never used for employee training. Despite its mysterious nature, the McDonald’s DS video game has a cult following with gamers and McDonald’s fans who love the idea of a simulation game in the fast-food industry. It is still one of the most intriguing and mysterious “lost games” in video gaming history.


McDonald’s Japan was searching for an innovative way to train their employees in 2010, and they found it in the form of a video game. The thriving video game industry in Japan made it a natural choice for McDonald’s to develop their own game, and they partnered with Nintendo to do so. The Nintendo DSi, released in November 2008, was the latest handheld gaming console on the market and was a perfect fit for McDonald’s needs. The collaboration between the two companies resulted in a McDonald’s-branded Nintendo DSi and two McDonald’s DS games.

How To Get McDonald’s DS Console

The McDonald’s DS console was portable, which was important due to the lack of office space in McDonald’s restaurants, and it was also relatively inexpensive compared to other options like the PSP. The McDonald’s DS console was only available in Japan and was never released to the public.It is unclear how many McDonald’s franchises in Japan used the McDonald’s DS console or for how long it was used for employee training. Rumors suggest that only select employees had access to the McDonald’s DS console and that it was never actually used in employee training. Gamers and McDonald’s enthusiasts have gained a cult following for the elusive McDonald’s DS console, which they are fascinated by as a simulation game set in the fast food industry.

It is possible to obtain a McDonald’s DSi console, but it is not easy. McDonald’s Japan and Nintendo developed the McDonald’s DSi console, a special version of the Nintendo DSi that was only available in Japan and was used for employee training at McDonald’s restaurants. The McDonald’s DSi console was never released to the public and is not widely available for purchase.

So, you may be able to find a McDonald’s DSi console for sale on online marketplaces or auction sites such as eBay, but it is likely to be a used console that is being sold by a private individual or collector. It is important to carefully research the seller and the condition of the console before making a purchase. Keep in mind that it may be difficult and costly to locate a McDonald’s DSi console, and it is not guaranteed that you will be able to find one for sale.

McDonald’s DS
McDonald’s DS – eBay

McDonald’s DS Games

Two games came out in McDonald’s DS:

McDonald’s Japan and Nintendo designed the eCDP game to train new employees in important skills at McDonald’s restaurants. It included four different modes: eCDP Exercise, MGR Mode, Challenge the McDonald’s, and My History. The eCDP game focused on training new employees who had recently started working at McDonald’s or were about to start. The eCDP game provided detailed information on recipes and processes, including how to flip burgers and place pickles.

McDonald’s eCDP (Nintendo DS 🇯🇵), Gameplay

McDonald’s Japan and Nintendo developed eSmart 2.0, which was geared towards training existing employees at McDonald’s restaurants in Japan. It only included two modes: Store Layout and eSmart Exercise, and was similar to eCDP. Both it and eCDP are not currently available for purchase or download.

How To Play McDonald’s DS Game

It games can be played using ROMs and an emulator like DeSmuMe.

YouTuber Nick Robinson documented his journey to obtain both the unique console and eCDP game.

Game preservationists Forest of Illusion shared the ROM for eSMART 2.0, making it available to the public. The McDonald’s DS game ROMs can be found at the following links:


The McDonald’s DS game was a collaboration between McDonald’s Japan and Nintendo for training new employees in Japan. Despite its cult following, the McDonald’s DS game remains one of the most unusual “lost games” in gaming history. DS Console and Game may be difficult to find, but they are still available from some sources.


How many McDonald’s DS are there?

It is not currently known how many McDonald’s DS consoles were produced or released by McDonald’s Japan and Nintendo. But the games were 2 as described above.

When did the DS discontinue?

Nintendo discontinued the Nintendo DS in 2013 with the release of the Nintendo 2DS.

What games are available for Nintendo DS?

There are many games available for the Nintendo DS. These games includes popular franchises such as Mario, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda.

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