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Before You Bite The Luxury Watch: Things To Know

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The first-time luxury watch purchase is an awaited matter. In addition, it is also, ideally, an exciting and meaningful experience. Building a watch collection can be daunting for those new to the wonderful world of luxury watches. 

Can you make the perfect watch decision with a first-time buy? Yes, it is possible. Even if everyone has different needs, tastes, means, and understanding of “luxury,” what matters truly is your opinion – and your take on the following elements. 

The things you need to consider before you bite the luxury bug are: 

Personal Liking

It would be best if you like your watch, especially since it is your first luxury watch. On a visual level, you have to like what it looks like. Do you want a certain size and shape of the case, case material, etc., for your watch? A round steel watch with 2-3 hands on a metal bracelet is ideal for a first purchase because the round cases are the most prominent shapes. In addition, metal, generally, is practical and durable, so you should get one with a metal bracelet. 

For your first watch, you are going to need basic functionality. That, then, means you need something easy to read. In addition, the functionality for your first timepiece lies in the aesthetics and cut of your first watch. It has to have the hours, minutes, seconds, and the date.

If you like great watches, there is an abundance of brands that can give you quality. You can check out GS Philippines, for example. 


Money is second. Budget is still crucial for someone who wants to buy a luxury watch, although looking at it implies that they may have the means to afford an expensive watch. For your first timepiece, the amount should make sense and is reasonable. Under the scope of “reasonable,” this means no loans from friends to buy a model outside your price range. 

If something happens to your first watch, like falling on the floor, it will need a costly repair. It will also be a humiliating experience if you pay so much money but are not allowed to fully enjoy the experience of wearing a watch you worked so hard for. 

Another helpful tip is not to research on social media sites like TikTok. In those places, advertising is a powerful tool. After all, your first watch is also an opportunity to be unique and reflect your values. 

Brand Values

Brands are active in several places and events to reach customers. They sponsor sports competitions, cultural and social events, and environmental initiatives. It is also a good place to check out watch brands that align with your values, opinions, and passions.

If you enjoy yachting, your choice narrows down between Panerai and Ulysse Nardin. Longines and Breitling are good options for those dreaming of flying high. 

In addition, you can also choose a brand that supports the same initiatives as you. Breitling launched an eco-friendly watch box; this was produced from recycled plastic.


Lastly, realistically, watches also need regular maintenance to keep performing well. Every three-four years, you will need to have your watch serviced. If you got the watch from a boutique, the boutique will help provide your maintenance. 

If it is not a boutique, your next options are a skilled watchmaker and a brand-certified workshop. The latter, you will get lower prices for the service. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to your first luxury watch, many factors are crucial. However, once all those are considered, the decision-making process becomes easier. In addition, you also get to ensure that your watch is aligned with you and your values.

Sharing is Caring

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