What Makes the Seiko Astron 2022 Tick

What Makes the Seiko Astron 2022 Tick

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In the coming 2022, Seiko will continue to exceed expectations. A premiere luxury brand, Seiko released its Astron 2022 collection. Its updated features and on-brand design have captured the world’s attention. For the man who wants to look at time from a different view, the Seiko Astron 2022 is perfect for him. 

So what makes the Seiko Astron 2022 a hot, timeless, and ticking commodity that fascinates watch enthusiasts worldwide? Seiko Astron 2022 grabs watch enjoyers due to its accessibility, long history, excellent production, and awesome design. 


Seiko is one of the most accessible watch brands out there. You can buy Seiko online and in their branches. If you are interested in more Seiko watches, you can visit Seiko online via https://shop.seikoboutique.com.ph/astron.html

Colorful History

Behind the name of Seiko lies a great legacy of craftsmanship and excellence in design and functionality. Seiko was created by a Japanese watch craftsman, Kintaro Hattori. 

It was in 1873 that Japan adopted the timekeeping system used in the West. Especially after Japan faced American meddling regarding their way of life. As a result, this was an era of great change. 

The Meiji era resulted from political strife, upheaval, and a time for a change in Japan. The way of the samurai was gone. 

Kintaro Hattori

During this period, the young and determined Kintaro Hattori, born in 1860, decided that his future lay in watchmaking’s “precise and elaborate” craft. Kintaro founded “K. Hattori & Co” in 1881, a time when the pocket watch was then considered the norm for portable timepieces. He also knew that the time would come for wristwatches. This spurred him, and he quickly began work on developing one of his own, alongside the clocks and pocket watches that his company had already produced. 

Kintaro Hattori, with his company, produced the first wristwatch made in Japan, the Laurel, a mechanical watch that was just 26.65 mm in diameter in 1913. From that moment on, the company that would become Seiko had cemented and established its thought leadership and excellence in the Japanese watch industry.

Seiko’s premiere moment in the history of watch craftsmanship sent the message early on that it was always one step ahead of its industry and competitors. Seiko stood for innovation, advancement – and forward-thinking. Its way was for the future that lay ahead.

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With its history of innovation, it is only appropriate that the Seiko Astron GPS Solar, the latest manifestation of Seiko’s leadership in horological technology, would be chosen as the heart of the watch that would celebrate the 160th anniversary of the birth of the company’s founder, Kintaro Hattori.

The Seiko Astron GPS Solar 2022 connects to a GPS network. It shows the local time with an atomic clock’s precision in every timezone of the world using the power of light. 


The watch has a timeless, understated, and classy physical design. Its dial is not as large as some trendy watches these days. The watch’s glass is produced from sapphire crystal with a super clear coating. Underneath the watch, its glass, it has solar cells that can convert light into electrical energy. This is what charges the watch’s battery.

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