Here’s Why You Should Get A Smartwatch

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There has been some discourse in the watch enthusiast community if smartwatches will eventually replace luxury watches.

Due to their many features, they have gained quite a footing with people. Mostly, people use them for their fitness journey and more mundane uses.

On the other hand, luxury watches have been around for quite long. However, can a smartwatch compare to a luxury watch? This is a value debate question. 

The Similarities

Both luxury watches and smartwatches are labeled as watches. Those are their similarities. Another similarity is that they have both taken years to perfect and develop.

The first smartwatches take their basis off Microsoft’s Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT). Companies Fossil and Suunto innovated the first SPOT watches in 2004. The SPOT watches could receive news, weather, and stock updates. In addition, they could receive email and instant messages through frequency modulation transmitters. 

During the 2010s, smartwatches became more in vogue. One brand in particular, Apple Watch – released in 2013 — became more prominent in the mobile computing market. On the other hand, Google developed its Android OS in watch form. So their answer to the Apple Watch was Android Wear. 

As smartwatches became more and more advanced, some things have become more consistent with them. One is the use of biometric technology that can help customers and users achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Meanwhile, luxury watches have a long history. However, they also had a long time of development and innovation.

One renowned luxury watch is the Grand Seiko. Their Grand Seiko Spring Drive is one of the most iconic watch technologies ever. You can check them out at

The Differences

There are many differences between the smartwatch and the luxury watch. Firstly, the cause of the collapse of the luxury watch industry is not directly related to the rise of the smartwatch. The watch discourse also drew parallels between the quartz crisis in the 1970s and 1980s to the birth of smartwatches and expected the same outcome. However, it was not like that in actuality. 

Another trend was that the rise of smartwatches affected the sales of entry-level watches, which rings true. Smartwatches have negatively affected the sales of entry-level mechanical watches. This is true because some people have chosen smartwatches over entry-level mechanical watches.

However, the luxury watch industry has benefited since the smartwatch era began. 

The Benefits of Using Smartwatch

Both smartwatches and luxury watches have their perks. Smartwatches are great for many things: they are practical, handy, and can track your biometric information. While you’re working out, they can also play your Spotify or other music player. They can also track the time. 

On the other hand, luxury watches also have their benefits. Aesthetically, they are better than smartwatches. They possess various shapes, sizes, dial colors, and bracelet types; there’s also a slew of material options from steel to gold to titanium to carbon to platinum.

Why Should You Get A Smartwatch?

You should get one if you have a good reason to. For example, a smartwatch will benefit you more if you are into fitness and health. 

A luxury watch will suit you more if you lean towards an old-hat approach. A luxury watch carries with it a strong brand value. In addition, it also has more aesthetic appeal. 

Wrapping Up

Smartwatches and luxury watches are two different watch types. However, they have different purposes. However, One similarity they have is the power to tell time. 

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