Misconceptions About AI Technology

Misconceptions About AI Technology

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Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology that has transformed business processes.

It is capable of detecting, decoding, and analyzing written and spoken language and making recommendations based on the data gathered. 

For example, if a user is searching for the best internet service providers in their area, and they ask Google “What are the best Spectrum package deals?”, AI software will pick up the keywords programmed in their software and through smart algorithms analyze the need and provide recommendations. The user will now start receiving information about different ISPs in the form of ads. 

It is a magical invention that draws information about consumer preferences thus helping businesses understand their audience better. Artificial intelligence is playing its role in every field but its full potential is yet to be explored. 

Taking Over Jobs 

This cannot be true as most jobs require cognitive thinking and humans are much better than AI at performing such tasks. AI can perform jobs like data entry, sorting, and analyzing data. Such low-level jobs may be replaced by AI systems which prove to be more efficient and less time-consuming. The rest of the employees simply gain from the artificial intelligence software that assists them in their daily tasks.  

Therefore, employees should keep upgrading their skills through training and education to upskill themselves to the level where they shall use AI as a tool and not the software they can be replaced. 

Ruling the World 

Many fictional movies show artificial intelligence software taking over the world by breaking security encryptions. This is only possible in movies and is far from reality. 

Artificial intelligence systems can only perform tasks that they are programmed for. Their programming is limited for a certain kind of problem and they cannot “think” or perform beyond it. Narrow AI cannot rule countries with limited cognitive powers nor was it invented to do so. 

AI Robots Ruling Humans 

Another common myth is that advanced AI robot will be invented that will be capable of thinking for themselves and making smart choices that will make them rebel against humans. This is completely false as robots have limited programming and they can only perform tasks within those programmed parameters.  They are mostly designed to perform repetitive tasks like the assembly line.

Personal assistant robots kept by some people are also programmed to perform a small number of set tasks. 

Replacing Human Brain

Another myth about artificial intelligence is that advancement in AI technology will replace the human brain. According to the myth, AI will become so advanced that it will have the ability to think and respond like the human brain. This cannot be true as AI depends on algorithms that are fed to the system. It is a set of commands that the computer follows but any function beyond the parameter of the software cannot be processed. 

A neural network is an advanced form of AI software that has been designed on the structure of the human brain yet it does not have the ability to think like the human brain. 

Quality of Data Improves AI 

According to popular belief, the amount of data gathered is reflected in the accuracy of AI systems. According to this myth, AI functions are improved by the quantity of data, the larger the data, the better the results. However, AI does not only depend on the quantity but also the quality of data that enters the AI systems.AI is only capable of reading and unveiling correlations between different data points but it cannot measure the accuracy of the data. Therefore, the data fed to the AI system must be accurate so that the software can come up with relevant and beneficial recommendations. 

Self-Developing AI 

There is a school of thought that believes AI will become so advanced that it will begin developing itself without human programming. It is believed that AI will eventually begin to learn not only from the data that is fed to them but also from the results produced by its own software. 

This myth can only turn into reality to a small extent if a flawless AI system is created, but regulatory practices taken towards AI today will prove to be a hindrance in the way.

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