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Top Artificial Intelligence AI Inventions using Machine Learning (ML)

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Here are the top artificial intelligence AI inventions and discoveries using Machine Learning (ML) so Machine Language is the main principle behind the concept.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence AI inventions

1. Prosthetic Hand:

The prosthetic arm operates by mind control thus assists individuals with feeling thus making the impaired feel like nothing is wrong with them moreover, this prosthetic Hand allows patients to think by sending information from the arm’s sensors via a gadget that associates with the wearer’s sensory system.

Thanks to new tangible advancements, wearers of the arm can also feel sensations from the applied weight, temperature, vibration, muscle contractions thus can even feel pain as well.

Prosthetic Hand - Top Artificial Intelligence AI inventions using Machine Learning (ML)
Prosthetic Hand


2. Classical Portraits:

AI Turning Faces into Classical Portraits, a team of researchers built up an algorithm that can transform your face into a classical portrait moreover, the researchers trained a Generative Adversarial Network with 45,000 classical images, from the Early Renaissance to Contemporary Art. It utilizes the original facial features as a base to generate an altogether new portrait.

Specific components inside the original face picture may provoke the algorithm to utilize a particular style. The researchers behind the algorithm want to investigate the characteristic biases of the AI framework. It is one of the top artificial intelligence inventions which is also very dangerous at the same time.


3. Concept Cyborg:

Cyborg is a sort of robot which has an aptitude for replicating human hand developments. Meet Meltant-An (check source), a creation of Japanese Robotics Company moreover there are elastic high polymer wires that mimic human joints. And the bot has an excellent 0.02 second reaction time.

The brawny robotic Hand can lift objects weighing up to 4 kg thus, these robots can hold cards, or even open a jug of water or an entryway. Isn’t that amazing?


4- Map Cancer Beating:

They are utilizing AI to map cancer-beating particles in nourishment additionally, researchers from Imperial College London, have built up a machine learning platform that recognizes nutrition-based cancer beating atoms moreover, to simulate medicate actions are achieved to obtain a genome-wide activity profile using a machine learning algorithm here a directed approach was used to anticipate cancer beating atoms utilizing these ‘learned’ interactome activity profiles.

The validated model performance anticipated anti-cancer therapeutics with a classification accuracy of 84-90% moreover a thorough database of 7962 bioactive atoms inside nourishment was sustained into the model moreover. Map cancer beating was utilized to build a ‘nourishment map’ with the anti-cancer potential of each fixing. It is characterized by the quantity of cancer-beating atoms found additionally. The researchers accept the analysis supports the plan of cutting edge cancer preventative and nourishment strategies.

Map Cancer Beating - top artificial intelligence ai inventions
Map Cancer Beating


5. Robotic Floor Tiles:

Researchers at the University of Tsukuba have robotic floor tiles that anticipate your means thus the robotic venturing stones automatically position themselves beneath an individual’s feet.

It creates an endless circle which is ideal for VR encounters hence, makes a dream of walking.


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