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Microwave Internet (WLA)- What are benefits of WLA?

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Here, in this blog, I will tell you what actually a Microwave internet is moreover I will also try to explain the benefits and why you should use it.

What is Microwave Internet?

Microwave internet or Wireless Access (WLA) is a fixed wireless broadband connection delivered by a high-capacity microwave radio link. It does not require any infrastructure other than power. It is also known as radio shot, WiMAX, wifi link, or wireless internet.

Radio Communication

Radio communications are the transmission of signals through space without the use of wires or cables. The term is most often used with a form of long-distance communication, but may also refer to short-range communication, like in an office building.

The development of radio waves for wireless communication led to the discovery that waves could be reflected off objects other than a metal antenna. This Radiocomunicaciones Kenwood discovery became known as “radio reflection” and it played an important role in the early development of radar technology. Radio waves are also used for broadcasting sound via radio frequency (RF) signals and for transmitting data via infrared signals (IR).

Fiber Optic vs. Microwave Internet WLA:

We all know that the Internet over fiber optic is reliable and constant. Still, this WLA, with the help of a microwave antenna, rivals fiber-optic network connections’ reliability.

Benefits of WLA: Why you need Microwave Internet WLA?

  • WLA connection is suitable for transmitting data at incredibly high speeds.
  • At the client end, WLA doesn’t require any cables, ducts, and phone lines.
  • It is a fantastic solution to the fiber internet problem moreover, If a fault occurred with fiber, the wireless internet would not be suffering from any failure. Alternatives like 4G or 5G are not reliable enough moreover, do not guarantee to deliver the service and speeds in any fiber failure event.
  • WiMax is a secure internet connection.
  • The cost of installing a microwave internet connection is less than installing buried cable systems like DSL or cable.
  • This Wifilink has a more fantastic range than traditional WiFi.
  • It is not limited to line-of-sight access, thus provides a more extensive potential customer base per tower.
  • It uses IEEE 802.16 standards, thus provides a feasible economic model for the wireless carriers.
  • Users don’t need to wait for infrastructure to be laid in the area.
  • It has a quick installation process compared to a traditional cable system, which needs to be set up structurally.


Microwave internet is a great way to set up a reliable connection with a wide range of availability because it helps businesses to focus more on their work and to get rid of internet problems. Its users are increasing day to day as the internet and social media are growing up moreover. It is available in almost every country you can search for it on Google, maybe by searching “Microwave internet providers near me.”

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Sharing is Caring

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