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5 Tips to Write Best Fiverr Gig Description

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Today we’ll be describing the Fiverr gig description. How important are they, how to write a good one?

And how you can make sure that your gig description is helping you sell gigs and not sending people to other buyers.

Why Fiverr Gig Page Is Important?

We will talk about one of the most important parts of any gig offering on Fiverr. So if you’re new to Fiverr, let’s quickly catch yourself up on what a gig description is. Each one of your services has a Gig Page. This is where customers will go to find out about who you are, what you do, what you offer, and how much you charge for it.

On the gig page, there are a video and images at the top. All your prices are kind of lined up on the right-hand side and underneath your media is the all-important gig description.

What is Gig Description on Fiverr?

Gig Description on Fiverr is for your interaction with your customers. It explains who you are, how you do things, and what your services cost.

fiverr gig description

Why it is important?

You must write a great gig description because, for those who bother to read it, it’s a telling piece of how you’ll interact with them. As a seller, it talks about your turnaround times, your rates, how you do things, maybe your process.

Top 5 tips to write Best Fiverr Gig Description:

Today I want to go through some guidelines to help you write a great gig description. Because writing a bad gig description can divert buyers from your services. Moreover, no matter how good they are, they can confuse potential buyers and send them running off to somebody else, which you never want.

Your Gig Description should be Short and Precise

Firstly, make sure your gig description is short and to the point. You should make sure that someone can consume this within 60 to 90 seconds of reading. Now Fiverr puts a character limit on your gig description, so you can’t make it too long but don’t write up to the character limit if you don’t need to.

Make it short, make it to the point, make sure it has all the essential information and only essential information in there.

You must play with your wording. You must play with the way you’re formatting and things like that, but make sure that it’s short and to the point and someone can get through it quickly. So they’ll click the Purchase button.

Start Explaining Your Uniqueness

Open with what sets you apart because anybody searching for a service on Fiverr is going to realize that you’re not the only person who offers that service.

They don’t need to know what you offer. What they want to know is why are you different, and what sets you apart? And why should they choose you? Put those things near the top.

I always say highlights in bold. Use highlighting and bold sparingly but use them to emphasize some of your most important key differentiators, so that people know why you’re the right choice instead of another seller on the platform.

For example,

unique fiverr gig description-min

It must be Clear

Clearly outline what you offer. Use bullet points to say, this is what I do. Be very specific, be very detail-oriented because that will help your customers or potential customers to understand clearly, what they’re going to get from you? When they’re going to get it? Do all those things outline how long your turnaround time is?

Explain your rates

Tell people exactly what you charge. How you package things, Why is it different? You know if you offer a tangible service that’s based on length.

For example,

If you do a voice-over, it has a per word rate. So you need to explain your rates.

Make sure you’re very clear about rates and any associated fees in the gig description because you can always point back and say, “Hey, if you miss that, it’s in the gig description. So go back and read that.”

You can often send screenshots of your gig description with sections highlighted and circled and saying, “This is there.”

Sadly, a lot of buyers don’t take the time to read gig descriptions, so they miss these things. But it is your backup. It is your fallback to have those things written and in-print.

So put those details about your rates, the details of your offering, how fast your turnaround time is, and any associated fees outside your typical rates.

Explain Your Policies & Procedure

The fifth and final thing that will help you write a great gig description, is that you should include any policies or procedure notes that you need to in your gig description.

If you have any of those special policies or procedures that go along with your gig, then make sure you list them, say, “Hey, I will not do this.”

If you are a video, editor, People would try to hire you to create videos for their gig. We’re not allowed to do that. So you write that in our gig description, “Hey, we cannot create a video for your gig.”

So tell them about your policies, your procedures, and remember, keep it short and to the point, only the most important aspects and pieces go in there.

For example,

fiverr gig description policies

Bonus Tip to write best gig description on Fiverr

There is an FAQ section just under your gig description that you can fill up with all kinds of questions and answers. I don’t have significant proof that people are reading these FAQs. I don’t know if they affect your SEO or if they help you rank better in search results. But I think if it’s offered, put FAQs.

Come up with a few questions that people commonly ask you or might ask you, or might wonder about your services, answer them down below.

So if they care to take the time to read, they’re going to find out everything they need to know and that’ll save you time by them not having to ask you more questions.

So there are five plus one thing that you can do to write a great gig description on Fiverr, spend time on this, and don’t be afraid to tweak it as time goes on and just make sure that they’re correct, they’re worded in the best way possible.

Always be making your gig description better, so that can be more effective. It is one of the most important parts of your gig offering and your gig page. So make sure that you take the time to do it right.

For example,

fiverr gig requirements


Your Gig description on Fiverr is crucial, so it must be written in a creative, unique, and professional way. Moreover, you need to explain your rates, procedure, and policies so your gig can stand out. This is all because your gig must engage the reader/buyer, so he can buy your package.

Well, hey, thank you so much for reading the complete blog post. Moreover. You can go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter. We have more blog posts on Fiverr tips as well.

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  1. Sir thanks for your article of What is Gig Description on Fiverr?

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    please guide me and help to me.

    1. The gig is the service you offer on Fiverr. And gig description is the description of your service/package.

      We didn’t understand your question to some extent, if you didn’t get your answer please explain your comment. Thanks.

      We are also working on another blog post on Fiverr gigs that get ranked that may help you. Will be posted within 1-2 days.

  2. i am confusion of Gig Description on Fiverr. i am not understand of gig description.

    it’s mean of how do i start of which line write to gig description on Fiverr account. I am wordpress developer.

    please guide me and help to me (for example)

    1. In gig description you have to explain what you offer.

      You have to start with something unique, you can maybe review the description of some other sellers who offer “WordPress development services” and get an idea. You can write your own version of it.


  3. I will Create, develop and design of responsive WordPress Website
    for my gig description are right or wrong.
    any changes of gig description for guide to me.

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