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3 Cutlery Inventions

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Eating with a fork is not rare worldwide and in several food cultures! Most diners here would not know how to survive a meal lacking a fork. However, this was different. The invention of the fork, though, compared to its fellow cutlery, its addition to the dining table, was recent. It was invented in China, as archeological evidence found that the first ones had been produced from bones at excavation sites in Gansu, a north-central province of China. 

During the Bronze Age, two-pronged forks were used, which continued for several hundred years. They also enjoyed use in Greece, ancient Rome, and even Egypt. Who would have known, right? 

However, the first person who invented the fork at the dining table was Maria Argyropoulina, a Greek niece of Byzantine Emperor Basil II. She would use a certain golden instrument with two prongs to eat her meals. The norms of her time had dictated that she eat using her fingers, so her fork usage was seen as arrogant and vain. 

Aside from the fork, what other amazing cutlery inventions have leveled up the game in cutlery?

Here are some examples! 

The Spoon

The spoon is a cutlery invention that’s not fairly new. Rather, it has been at home on a dinner table for quite a while! Since its inception, the spoon and its design are far from changing. As people, we might invent rockets. However, we still cannot improve the spoon, and why? It’s because of the ones who did; they did it right the first time! 

Nowadays, the spoon has plenty of uses. Eat cereal, measure, and scoop ice cream! They’ve also had less conventional uses, such as making a baby think and imagine that it’s an airplane so you can get them to eat something! 

The Fork

The fork could be better than the spoon, but it is still very interesting. Like the spoon, it has been used in some form for thousands of years. Much like its sibling on the table, the spoon, the shape and structure of the fork are perfect, so there’s no room for improvement. 

Back then, like the story told earlier, its usage had been deemed controversial. 

A Byzantine princess had bought gold forks for her prince, who was also her betrothed. The people of her prince saw the gesture as an insult to God. 

The fork is so perfect that it can’t be improved. Well, maybe if we went back to mini-tridents instead. Today, though, that would be quite the opposite. Over time, the fork earned its usefulness. With it, you can poke things and stuff your mouth. You can use them to eat pasta and pretend to hold a mini-trident. 


Sporks are a spoon-fork combination. Although it could have been more convenient, it has proven to be a big help for campers and sustainable cutlery enthusiasts! The design combined a fork, spoon, and knife into one.

Utensil dispenser is another thing you should keep your eyes on. 

Wrapping Up

These ones have defined their time and gone beyond in proving their usefulness. 

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