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Kotlin vs Java: Which is Better for Android TV App Development?

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Android app development is in trend lately. And this is all because the Android operating system has captured the smartphone market in the world. With this trend, many companies wonder which language they should opt for designing a robust mobile app. When anyone is looking at Android TV App Development, Kotlin & Java first come to mind. So, let’s explore Kotlin vs Java.

Both the programming languages are impressive & popular. These languages are famous for their unique functionalities. Both own the ability to develop a powerful Android TV app.

For designing an app one should consider only one language to work with. Firstly, let’s take a look at the advantages & disadvantages of both the programming languages. 

What do you understand about the Kotlin language?

Kotlin is an open-source programming language developed by JetBrains. Kotlin was introduced in 2010. It can be used on iOS, Android app projects. It interworks with Java.

In other words, you can utilize the actual skills of Java. And it allows using Kotlin language for Android app development. These days Kotlin is accepted by most renowned brands like Amazon, NetFlix, Google, Trello, etc. 

Features of Kotlin language:

  • Interoperability: Kotlin language allows for the use of existing skills and knowledge in Java language. In other words, app developers can develop Android apps with their usual language.
  • Null Security: Kotlin prevents errors that happen by missing parameters that are not made rightly. It’s necessary to check that you do not apply a parameter as the default null.
  • Nullable parameters: Kotlin language does not demand ‘null’. It can prevent faults caused by absent types and parameters. It also helps the code readability.
  • Properties having Getters And Setters made quickly: Kotlin language offers properties that generate getters and setters automatically. In other words, coding is now easier for app developers. Moreover, it reads the Android app faster. 
  • Compact Syntax: There is no requirement for additional keywords. It helps in making the code shorter. And made it even easier for app developers.

What do you understand about the Java language?

Sun Microsystems developed the Java language in 1995. It’s a powerful and object-oriented language. It comes with automatic memory management. Java language can be used for both Android mobile apps as well as desktops. 

Features of Java language:

  • No Memory issue: Java comes with automated memory management. App developers don’t need to stress about the memory issue while working on a project.
  •  Waste Collector: Java uses a waste collector to manage the code memory automatically. This makes it easier for companies who desire to concentrate on Android TV app development. And without troubling memory issues.
  • Supporting Various Platforms: Java language takes care of multiple platforms. In other words, app developers can begin to code in Java language. And they can shift to Kotlin language for Android application development.

What are the common points between Kotlin vs Java language?

Java and kotlin language share several similarities. For instance, the type system of the Kotlin language is similar to Java. So now app developers can simply turn actual code into another language at any time.

  • Type: Here, both system types are alike. Hence, app developers don’t actually need to stress switching the existing code to another language.
  • Library: Collections library of kotlin is similar to Java. Here, classes are simple to convert. Moreover, it makes it simpler for app developers to check out the language. 

How would you differentiate Kotlin & Java for Android TV App Development? (Kotlin vs Java)

1. Functionality

Kotlin programming language is much easier to study and work with than Java. It offers an integrated development environment, a great set of tools. It makes app development a lot easier for app developers.

However, if you choose Kotlin developers for developing the application, then he would deliver your project fastly as they are pro at making use of Kotlin in Android TV app development.

2. Performance

Java language gives excellent performance. It is also considered a mature language. On the other hand, the Kotlin language works better in the case of Android app development. Kotlin practices invariability.

3. Universality

Kotlin is a modern language. However, it has grown swiftly. And now it is considered as one of the most popular languages for Android app development.

Moreover, it’s supported by Google. It implies that Kotlin will stay for long. And will continue to grow. 

kotlin vs java in andriod tv app
Kotlin vs Java

4. Cross-Platform App Development

Kotlin offers cross-compatibility. And it works on various platforms.

On the other hand, Java is bounded by its application of bytecode which can only be selected for a particular platform. 

5. Developed Libraries

Java language shares a broad collection of tools, frameworks, and libraries for Android app development. Kotlin language is rising slowly and introducing newer libraries. 

6. Expandability

One drawback of using C++, Java programming languages is that they are not expandable. Because of this, the app can sometimes affect development. It has particularly been seen in older Android mobiles.

On the other hand, Kotlin language focuses more on design expandability. And, it also improves the development of an app. 

7. Society Support

Kotlin is a comparatively new language.

On the other hand, Java has been in the market for quite some time now. Also, there are resources in the market for app development using Kotlin.

That’s the main reason behind Kotlin’s popularity among developers.

Challenges With Java Language:

Sharing below are some of the challenges with Java language:

  1. The Java syntax can be unmanageable as compared with Python, C+, etc.
  2. It is somewhere impossible to check such content which can be inconsistent with the device.
  3. In the case of app development, it is not simple to check the Java improvements. 
  4. There can be situations where Java creates difficulties in Android development. 
  5. Lastly, Java is slower in comparison to other programming languages. Moreover, it consumes a lot of memory. 

Challenges With Kotlin Language:

  1. Kotlin language is not that popular as compared to Java language in the market. 
  2. In the case of Kotlin, sometimes code reading can become difficult. It levels with low patterns. 
  3. Kotlin language has smaller community support than Java. as Kotlin is younger than Java. Also, it comes with fewer tutorials, libraries, etc. 
  4. Lastly, Kotlin is relatively new to the market, so there are lesser developers in the market.

Kotlin vs Java: Which is Better for Android TV App Development?

Both programming languages are great. Moreover, they both offer various benefits that would build a robust android app. But, in case you are looking in-depth between Java & Kotlin, then there are several kinds of apps where the other one might be more useful.

Java specifications: 

  •  Apps that come with various features and functionality. It can function over all the platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Java as mentioned above offers mature libraries. And it also maintains the type of app development. 

Kotlin specifications: 

  • Projects that require smooth performance and also those who require photo editing, etc. Kotlin language is modernized and effectively-structured than Java language. Hence, the results will come efficiently in the above kind of situations. 
  • For Apps where you require to have platform freedom. And also cross-assembling for various platforms.

What are your views on Kotlin’s Future?

The impact of the Kotlin language on the IT industry has grown enormously over time. Some prominent portals like Basecamp, Pinterest, etc are existing users. Recently it has been supported by Google and has shown that this language definitely has a future. 

Conclusion (Kotlin vs Java)

We all know that a robust app is built only using one language at a time. So one should consider the desired languages before starting the project. As per our above discussion, Kotlin & Java languages both are sort of the same. 

So, now the question arises which one is better for Android TV App Development? Kotlin vs Java? The response totally depends on your project requirements.

In case you’re looking for a language backed by Google, then go for Kotlin language. And if your project requires open-source, flexible & speedy development then go for Java. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. Is Kotlin backed by Google for Android app development?

Yes. Google-backed Kotlin is a modern language and growing these days. Various Jetpack libraries in the case of Android have been either made in Kotlin or support Kotlin. 

2. In which year did Google start promoting the Kotlin language?

Google officially backed Kotlin in the year 2017 for Android app development.

3. Is Kotlin language simpler to learn than Java?

App Developers say that Kotlin is easier to understand and code than java.

4. Can anyone learn Kotlin without studying Java?

Yes, you can. However, it is always helpful & easier if anyone knows Java or any other language. Kotlin is a modern language and offers type inference, static typing, resources, etc.

5. Is Kotlin language only sufficient for Android app development?

Yes, the Kotlin language is enough for designing android apps. Moreover, it is easier to build apps using the Kotlin language.

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