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7 Free Mobile Apps That Help You Learn Almost Anything

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Smartphones are good for more than just taking selfies and contacting friends. It helps you learn, improvise something of your own. It is one of the best inventions, one can say. In the past, students, teachers, researchers, or any other person belonging from any field did not have access to everything at home. 

They had to go places to learn and develop new skill sets, but today every individual can learn anything of their interest at home while resting on their beds and that’s just because of the technology, the mobile phones, and the internet!

Below are the name and details about the apps that help you learn:


Skillshare helps you learn new skills or improve your existing skills. It includes a variety of options such as photography, art, lifestyle, business, film, creative writing, etc. You can choose the topic of your choice and learn a lot from a single app. This can help you in developing a career in the field of your interest. You can enhance your knowledge in the field of your interest through this app. 

Study Blue

Study blue is another free app specially designed for students. It provides you with a vast variety of materials to choose from. You can select the material according to your country and grade. You just need to sign up, and you are free to use the app. It helps you in learning the topic better by providing you with flashcards and digital learning material. You can study for your university quiz via this app. 

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Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is the best app for bookworms. It gives you access to thousands and millions of books, articles, magazines, etc. It also helps you in learning different languages. In case you get tired of reading, you also have the option to switch to audible books. You can access the app on any device. However, a special kindle device is also available in the market. 

Photo math

Photo math is one of the best math learning apps. You can sync the app with the camera of your device, and all your math problems are solved in minutes. This app provides the best math aid. Each and every step is explained clearly with the help of animations. You can get the solution for arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus, etc. 


Blinkist is one of the best apps that give you the experience of the finest library. It provides you with hundreds and thousands of the best books. From non-fiction to business, you can find the choice of your book here. Book reading is one of the best habits. It enhances your knowledge, gives you insight, and helps you learn new things.

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If you are someone who is eager to learn about new cultures, different languages, then this is the best app for you. This is the most user-friendly in terms of learning new languages. It uses animations and common phrases that are mostly used in that particular area of the country. If you are eager to make friends around the world, you first need to learn the language, and Duolingo is one of the best apps to learn languages in a short time. 


YouTube is the best app that has ever been designed. Not a single soul on earth exists that does not know about this app. Through this app, you can get access to almost everything, from educational videos to entertainment; it helps you in everything. 

You can get access to almost everything that is happening around the world through this single app. You can also learn different skills through YouTube. Furthermore, you can also earn money from YouTube by establishing your own channel.

Launch your own App or Website

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So, these were the details of the apps that help you learn almost everything. Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments.

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