Turn Your Images Into Editable Text

Turn Your Images Into Editable Text With These 5 Online Tools

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Turning images into editable text is a necessary process for some. But, which tools should they use?

OCR technology has made life easy for a lot of people since its invention. Shortened from Optical Character Recognition, this tech allows the user to extract text from any of its written forms. This includes books, images, papers, or manuscripts of other kinds.

As opposed to copying data from physical material manually, this technology saves a ton of time and increases efficiency. That’s why many marketers, writers, and businesses are employing this technology more and more by the day.

But a tool like this cannot be free, right? While there are paid tools, free tools are available as well. This includes in the shape of mobile phone apps, downloadable programs on computers, and online tools as well. So, let’s help you find the best ones to turn your images into text. 

Why Turn Images Into Editable Text? 

Turning images into editable text has many benefits. It can help you convert viable data into something used for content creation. While this factor alone is enough for writers, it’s about saving the data for marketers and businesses.

Virtual storage is taking the world by storm; this includes businesses, academies, and firms of diverse categories. Saving data in virtual shape is much more efficient and guarantees easy access and searches. 

Thus, the most use of any OCR tech today involves not only using it for studies or content writing but also for data storage and indexing. 

How Do Image-To-Text Converters Work?

The working of an image-to-text converter isn’t difficult to understand. In fact, the easiest thing to comprehend about any image-to-text converter today is its base made out of OCR. OCR, as mentioned before, is the primary technology that reads and converts text from an image or paper.

That’s why the two primary pillars of any image-to-text converter include OCR and AI. Here’s how they work together: 

  • OCR

The job of optical character recognition, as the name implies, is to read each syllable on a paper or image. Once the OCR reads this text, it passes it on to other algorithms in the tool/program, which include AI. 

However, OCR has evolved into many subcategories, such as Intelligent Character Recognition, Intelligent Word Recognition, and Optical Mark Recognition. 

  • AI 

The second primary ingredient of any such tool is AI. One main type of OCR today is IWR, as mentioned above. And this tech thoroughly relies on its AI elements—hence why it’s called intelligent character recognition. 

Without AI, the words that the tool reads cannot be put into one place or their original form. Thus, most of the OCR tools today rely on AI, as it helps the OCR convert images into editable text comprehensively. 

5 Remarkable OCR Tools To Turn Your Images Into Editable Text 

The best tools today are free; there are no two ways about it. Writers, businesses, and marketers wish to make the most of OCR tech without having to pay for it. However, suppose your requirement is to convert bulk pages into editable text. In that case, the paid or premium version of these tools isn’t that expensive either.

This means that regardless of the type or amount of text you wish to convert, there’s no need to break the bank to be able to do so. These are the primary standards we kept when picking these tools. Each one of them can help you efficiently turn your text into an editable format.

So, let’s talk about the 5 best online tools available today. 

  1. Imagetotext.biz – Free Image to Text Converter

Imagetotext.biz is one of the best tools when extracting text from images.  This tool is not only free but also available for unlimited usage.

This free image-to-text converter uses advanced OCR algorithms to convert and output the text accurately. In the image shown below, you can see how this tool offers a simple interface to its users.

Drag & drop your image, as the tool suggests you to do so. Then, wait for it to convert your images into text in no time. This process barely takes any time and helps you turn your text into an editable format. 

  1. Developer Toolkits’ Image To Text Converter 

Developer Toolkits enter the fray with a remarkable tool of their own. This viable image-to-text converter can help you convert all sorts of images into text. The heavy reliance on IWR is also omnipresent, as you can convert even the blurriest images. 

Turn Your Images Into Editable Text

Other than that, the tool offers an easy UI design, with a very convenient option to save your converted text into a file format instead of just copying it. However, images per use might be a little restraining for some. 

  1. I2OCR – Image To Text

I2OCR is yet another easy-to-use image-to-text converter. This tool doesn’t make it difficult for you to use. In fact, it employs the easiest UI you can find in any of the OCR tools available today. 

Besides that, you can convert an entire PDF file as well. This tool is number three on our list, as it allows us to convert bulk images into text in no time. 

  1. MyFreeOCR.com – Image To Text Converter 

MyFreeOCR is yet another free converter. This OCR tool offers two modes, and you don’t even need the paid version to access its advanced more. You can simply browse your file and then explore the advanced options. 

If you’re new to OCR tools, then you may not want to tinkle with these options. However, the presence of these many options definitely makes it worthy of your consideration. 

  1. Penteract Picture Viewer – Built-in OCR 

Penteract is an image viewer that you could find on Microsoft’s store through your Windows OS. Once you have this tool, you can simply open the picture with it, then head to the settings cogwheel. 

Turn Your Images Into Editable Text

From there, switch to the Actions section and find the OCR tool built-in within this remarkable program. This is highly convenient for those with slow internet. 


These are the five best tools you can use today to convert your images into text. Therefore, regardless of which facet of life you come from, these tools can help you turn your text into an editable format. 

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