WhatsApp Latest Updates: Online Status and Voice Waveform
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WhatsApp Latest Updates: Online Status and Voice Waveform

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WhatsApp is testing waveforms for voice messages and making adjustments to WhatsApp Business accounts. Recently, WhatsApp beta received waveforms for voice messages with build, but due to several complaints from users, the feature was temporarily removed. Now, it has been found that a future update could bring waveforms while recording the audio. It will be a real-time waveform depending on how loud your voice is.

Moreover, business WhatsApp accounts will no longer display their online status or “last seen” message.

The user will also be able to listen to the voice message before sending it. The feature is currently under development and there is no release date for it yet. It is expected that Waveform will again available in the next update of WhatsApp Beta.

Also, WhatsApp is reportedly testing some changes to the online status and the ‘last seen’ feature for business accounts. In the beta build, business profiles on WhatsApp did not show an online status or the ‘last seen’ message any more as they typically would. Under the name, it only says “Business Account”.

WABetaInfo noted that the ‘last seen’ and online status are still visible on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for iOS, so if this functionality is still present with the next beta build, the changes will also be made to the other versions.
As of now, WhatsApp has not revealed when or if these new features will be implemented in the stable version of the app.

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