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Windows 11 Details: New UI, Features, and Release Date

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Microsoft had planned for Windows 10 to be its ultimate operating system for PCs. The promise was that Windows 10 would forever be updated twice a year, with tweaks, new features, and a fresh coat of paint to keep your computer current.

Windows 11 is finally here six years after Windows 10. Since what we’ve seen so far of Windows 11 seems to lack any revolutionary features, we are left to assume that Microsoft became bored and thus releasing windows 11.

Windows 11’s entire internal version has been leaked online. There are some sketchy websites where you can download it, but we would not recommend it. Nevertheless, it’s there, and it appears legitimate.

The leak suggests that Windows 11 is mostly about small visual changes.

Windows 11 NEW FEATURES:

  • With the taskbar icons centered, Windows has a decidedly MacOS feel.
  • Live tiles are replaced with pinned apps.
  • Windows now have a new logo: four equal-sized rectangles rather than the trapezoid that Microsoft has been using since the release of Windows 8 in 2012.
  • A slightly more 3D appearance has been added to all the Windows icons, which feature a more colorful gradient.
  • There will be rounded corners on the windows.
  • By clicking the maximize button, you can choose to lock the window in place side by side with another app, in a grid of three, or in a grid of four.
  • You can now choose from fancy new wallpapers instead of stylized photos of light shining through windows.
  • The startup jingle is returning to Windows 11 (for the first time since Windows 7).
  • You will be able to install android apps on Windows 11 using Amazon App store.
  • Microsoft Teams will be installed and users will be able to call and chat for free. Thus, an end for Skype.

The Microsoft Store will reportedly be updated in Windows 11, but Windows 11 that leaked did not include it.

Windows 11 Look:

To see how Windows 11 looks in a VM, here is Tom Warren’s visual summary from The Verge.

It is nice to see the visual update. Windows 10 will receive a big update this fall from Microsoft, which is appropriate for its longest-running operating system.

Why is Microsoft breaking its promise and turning Windows up to 11? 

Windows 11 Release Date:

We are excited to announce that Windows 11 will be available on October 5, 2021. On this date, Windows 11 will begin rolling out to eligible Windows 10 PCs for free, and PCs that come pre-loaded with Windows 11 will begin becoming available for purchase. With Windows 11, you’ll have a new Windows experience that brings you closer to what you love.
Microsoft Windows 11 delivers powerful productivity and inspiring creativity as PCs continue to play a more central role in our lives than ever before.

Windows 11 Latest: Official News, Beta Version, System Requirements

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