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Display Inventory on Shopify For Free & Without App on Product Page

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As an online store owner, it is essential to keep track of your inventory and let your customers know whether the product they are interested in is in stock or out of stock.

Shopify provides several apps to display inventory on your product page, but if you don’t want to use an app, you can do it for free using Shopify’s liquid code.

In this blog, we will explain how you can add the inventory display on your Shopify product page for free and without using an app.

Step-by-step guide to display inventory:

Step 1: Open the Theme Customizer The first step is to open the theme customizer in your Shopify admin. Go to “Online Store” and click “Themes.” Select “Customize” for the theme you want to edit.

Step 2: Select Product Page Template Once you are in the theme customizer.

Step 3: You will see the preview of your product page. You can now add a custom liquid widget to display the inventory on your product page. Click on “Add section” and select “Custom Liquid.”

Step 4: Copy the Liquid Code Copy the following liquid code and paste it into the custom liquid widget:

{% if product.variants.first.inventory_quantity == 0 %} 

<p>Out of Stock</p> {% else %} <p> Only {{ product.variants.first.inventory_quantity }} left in stock</p> 

{% endif %}

This liquid code we used checks if the product’s first variant’s inventory quantity is zero. If it is zero, it displays “Out of Stock,” and if it’s not, it displays the current inventory quantity. Simple is that. Let us know if you face any issue in its working.

Step 5: Save and Publish Once you have added the liquid code, click “Save” and “Publish” to apply the changes to your product page. {{ product.variants.first.inventory_quantity }} is used to fetch the inventory in stock from Shopify backend.

Note: If you want the inventory display to be visible only on selected products, you can create a product page template and add the code only to that product page template.

Final Thoughts on Displaying Inventory on Shopify:

By following the above steps, you can easily display inventory on your Shopify product page without using an app. This can help your customers make an informed decision and improve their shopping experience on your store. You can also message us if you want to redesign or improve your store conversion.

Sharing is Caring

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