Project Pioneer Review

Project Pioneer Review: Is It Worth The Investment?

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You’ve heard about it. Everyone is doing it. Big brands are making boatloads of money off of this simple formula: dropshipping. And you’re wondering, “Can I do the same?” 

The answer is, of course, yes. You don’t need thousands of dollars for inventory or years of experience to be successful in the dropshipping business.

All you need is a storefront worth promoting and an ingenious way to get people there -and Connor Schelefontiuk claims to have it. 

But can you trust his words? Is it possible to make big money with his Project Pioneer course? Read on this review to find out!

Who’s Behind Project Pioneer?

Connor Shelefontiuk is the creator of this course. I didn’t find much information about him, apart from the fact that he formerly used to gamble online for games and later overcame his addiction.

Today, he’s a self-made entrepreneur who’s really gotten to make a 7-figure income with dropshipping.

Project Pioneer Review – What Does The Course Offer?

Project Pioneer is an online course that was created to teach you how to create your own ecommerce store using the dropshipping business model. 

They offer 9 modules. Each covers a specific part of starting and running your own successful e-commerce business.

You will learn how to set up your own dropshipping store with all of the necessary tools, payment methods and, most importantly, you will learn how to find products that sell, which is the most important aspect of creating a successful online business.

You’ll also get training on advertising and sales-probably the best part of the program. Along the way, you’ll learn about concepts like behavioral testing and conversion funnels, as well as how to increase your ecommerce traffic. Check out this detailed review for more details.

And here’s a preview of what each of these modules contain:

Module 1

The first module of Project Pioneer is an overview of what dropshipping is like, and some of the key reasons why you should do it. In this module you will discover:

– What dropshipping is

– How it works

– The pros and cons of dropshipping

– Why you should start a dropshipping business

Module 2

In this module, Connor teaches you how to research and find a product that you can sell online. He then goes on to show you how to set up your store and get your products listed.

Connor also gives you a step-by-step plan to start with Facebook ads and how to set them up so that they convert into sales..

Module 3

This module is a whopper. They will teach you how to find your perfect market, build your sales funnel and actually get sales with paid traffic (Facebook Ads)

Module 4

This fourth module is refreshingly candid. It’s not about how to create ads that magically convert or universally win the day. It’s about real, practical information you need to get more out of your Facebook campaigns.

Module 5

The right tone for your copy can make or break your ad. In this module, you will learn how to optimize your ads by using a combination of website and ad copy testing. Connor will also walk you through retargeting and lookalikes.

Module 6

This module is divided into four sections, each of which focuses on expanding your business. The topics they’ll cover are: budget expansion, audience increasing and ad campaign scaling.

Module 7

Creating products is easy, finding one that sells is difficult, but persistence pays off. You’ll learn how to relentlessly test your offering, make sure you never launch the same product twice, and create products your customers demand.

Module 8

Module 8 will get you up to speed on the best ways to get more of your leads and customers on board. The best way to market your business is through an engaging, direct, and polite approach. Handling an email marketing campaign like a personal conversation will guarantee the highest conversion rates. Sending out news updates on a regular basis through SMS will help you nurture relationships and connect with customers.

Module 9

This module is a bonus. Before you launch a product on the market, you will have full access to Connor’s video library where he shows you how to develop effective sales strategies and run high-performance online marketing campaigns.

Is Project Pioneer worth your money or not?

It has been said that there is no tougher marketplace in the history of business than the one for ecommerce. 

So, is Project Pioneer a big deal? You bet it is if you’re looking to make money from the internet. 

Project Pioneer cuts through all the hype and gives you a proven system where you can make money, and much more importantly, retain your customers and build a solid reputation.

Final Thoughts: Should You Get Project Pioneer?

To sum up, I strongly recommend this program. Project Pioneer is one of the best ways to get started with dropshipping. It shows you what you need to know in order to get your business off the ground.

It’s not a get rich fast scheme, and it gives you a windfall of insights, instructions and steps on opening a successful online dropshipping store. 

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