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How To Recruit Engineers Remotely (20+ Ways)

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To attract the top talent your organization must be a place where people progress their careers.

It needs to be an environment where people are given opportunities for learning new skills and taking on new challenges. And job candidates need some knowledge of it.

To attract qualified engineers, you need to provide remote job opportunities.

The Strategy to Attract and Retain the Top Talent in the Engineering Field

According to a recent study conducted by Dice, about half of software developers are already working remotely. This means that there are plenty of remote job openings available. But not everyone has the technical background needed to succeed as a remote worker. For example, only 10 percent of respondents had experience using virtualization technologies such as VMware.

So how do you go about attracting and retaining top talent

Here are three tips to recruit engineers remotely:

  • Provide training and education opportunities
  • Offer flexible schedules
  • Use online collaboration tools

Providing training and education opportunities is a great way to attract top talent. Providing these opportunities is also a good way to retain top talent . When employees feel valued, they’re less likely to leave.

Flexible scheduling is another effective way to attract and retain top talent. A study by Microsoft found that employees who worked from home were happier and more productive than those who did not. Additionally, they reported lower stress levels and fewer sick days.

Online collaboration tools allow teams to communicate effectively while maintaining a sense of distance. These tools include Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts, and GoToMeeting. 

How can businesses recruit engineers remotely?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the shortage of software developers and how it is affecting companies. So, what are the best ways to attract talent in this field? 

This is a question that many of us have been asking ourselves lately. We’ve been seeing an increase in demand for engineers, but not enough people applying for jobs. And it seems like there aren’t any new grads coming out of school either.

Recruit Engineers Remotely

20 Best Place to Recruit Top Engineering Talent

Here are the best 20 places to attract and recruit engineering talent

So, where do you start looking for talented engineers if you don’t see any candidates at your company or among your friends and family? The answer: online. Here are some of the best places to look for talent while recruiting engineers remotely:


This is by far the largest professional networking site around. It has millions of users, so chances are good that you will find someone active on LinkedIn. Just make sure that you only connect with professionals and post job openings.


Indeed is another great place to search for remote engineers. You can also use Indeed to research local tech talent.


AngelList is a platform where startups and investors meet each other. If you notice that a startup needs help with hiring, then you might want to check out its profile.

Remote OKRs:

RemoteOKR is a website that helps you find remote employees based on skillsets. They have over 1 million remote workers listed, which makes them one of the biggest sites around.

GitHub Jobs:

GitHub is a popular code repository used by programmers all over the world. There are thousands of open positions posted on GitHub every month. Businesses can easily hire remote engineers using GitHub.

Stack Overflow Careers:

Stack Overflow is a Q&A website created by Jeff Atwood (co-rrrrrrr of Coding Horror). It allows employers to post questions and get responses from experienced programmers. Organizations can also advertise their own vacancies through Stack Overflow.

Hacker News Hiring Thread:

Hacker News is a community of news websites focused on computer science topics. One of the most popular threads on Hacker News is the “Who wants to be hired thread ”. Companies often post their job listings here.


Freelancer is a freelance marketplace similar to Upwork, except that they focus more on small projects.


Hired is a platform that connects freelancers with clients. Clients can browse profiles, contact potential matches, and pay securely via PayPal.

Field Engineer:

Field Engineer is a company that provides field engineering services to firms. Its team of professional engineers travels across the country to perform inspections and offer advice on how to improve efficiency and safety. Businesses can use Field Engineer services to find remote engineers for freelance assignments.


Upwork is a global market for freelancing services. It was founded in 2005 and now hosts hundreds of thousands of freelancers.


Glassdoor is a review website for companies. Employers can list their job openings here and candidates can apply directly through the website.


CoderByte is a website dedicated to helping programmers learn new programming languages. Job seekers should take a look at this website before searching elsewhere. Businesses can also use this website as a resource for finding qualified developers.


Fiverr is a website that connects customers with freelancers. Customers can choose from a variety of different categories such as graphic design, writing, video production, etc. Organizations can use Fiverr to quickly find qualified contractors for specific tasks. You can also recruit engineers remotely here on Fiverr.


PeoplePerHour is an online staffing agency for technical roles. Candidates can bid on project proposals and clients can pick the best fit. Technical staff members earn anywhere between $10-$100 per hour. Employers can also set up recurring payments through PeoplePerHour.


TaskRabbit is another crowdsourcing platform. However, instead of outsourcing jobs to independent workers, it connects people looking for certain types of tasks with local businesses offering those services. Organizations can use TaskRabbit to outsource short-term projects.

Remote OK:

RemoteOK is a career site for telecommuting employees. They connect companies with talented professionals working remotely. Employers can search for qualified applicants based on keywords, skills, or location. RemoteOK receives compensation when its users fill out profile pages. In addition, RemoteOK offers employers tools to help them manage their remote workforce.


Worknhire is a website that helps companies find contract positions. Employees are required to sign non-disclosure agreements before beginning work. Businesses can post open positions and invite applications. Applicants must then complete an application and submit references. After receiving applications, employers have 24 hours to make a decision. If they decide not to hire anyone, they will receive all of the submitted resumes. Companies may pay Worknhire a fee each time they hire a contractor through the site. The amount depends on the number of hires made.


ODesk is a website where businesses can hire freelancers to do small jobs. Freelancers can apply directly by completing a brief form. Clients can contact freelancers via email or phone. Once hired, freelancers are expected to start working immediately without any additional verification.

Build Your Remote Engineers Team with the help of

Field Engineer is a platform that allows you to build your own remote engineering team. It’s free, easy, and fast! You can use it to find engineers for any project or just get some extra hands on a specific task. No matter what type of engineer you’re looking for, we have them all listed on our site. We even offer a wide range of certifications, including Cisco CCNA, CompTIA Security+, Microsoft MCSA, Oracle Certified Professional Java Developer (OCPJD), and many others.

If you’re interested in hiring a freelance engineer, check out our post on engineering recruitment.

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