How To Deliver A Better Customer Experience In 2021?

How To Deliver A Better Customer Experience

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Undoubtedly, customer experiences (CX) have become the fuel that increases business revenue and drives business growth in 2021. This is confirmed by these statistics:

  • Businesses that focus on improving their customer experiences enjoy an 80% increase in revenue.
  • 73% of customers report that customer experience helps drive their purchase decisions.
  • As many as 86% of customers are happy to spend more on stellar customer experiences.

So which are some ways you can tap into this and get a share of the market pie? Here are some pointers. 

Opt for Leverage Automated, Customized Marketing

While many businesses have customized marketing messages, most of these have been confined to email. While this is a great start, the world has swiftly moved on to automated multichannel marketing. Think web push notifications, cross-selling, and SMS. Internally, businesses can also benefit from automating their dashboards and KPI’s. This will help with reporting essential metrics that you can quickly retrieve.

Define Your Vision

An abstract vision is difficult to implement. Therefore, as you begin thinking about modeling your customer experiences, the first step should include drawing up a clear customer-focused vision. 

This serves as a roadmap to what you need to achieve. Not just that, but it also helps you communicate your CX strategy to employees. The goal is for each member of your staff to know your strategy by heart. This is the first step towards creating a stellar CX culture in a business.

Create Emotional Connections

Your customers need to feel like they are more than sales transactions. Customers become loyal clients because of how they feel when interacting with your products and services. Think about anything you can do as a business that can enhance the experiences your customers get, over and above your product and services.

Something as small as recalling and addressing a customer by name at your store can be enough to earn you a lifelong customer. And these efforts are well worth it. Emotionally committed customers will refer your business to others, are less likely to engage other businesses, and are much less price-sensitive.

Capture Feedback in Real-Time

Unfortunately, all the efforts you might make to improve CX might not be appreciated by the people that matter the most; your customers. So as you try out different strategies, strive to know how effective they are. The only way to do this is by asking. Use your email, social media, and free live chat tools to get real-time feedback from your customers. Listen, learn and adapt your strategies. 

Put the Customer Experience at the Heart of Your Strategy

In the end, SEO Tools Centre Research Shows that the customer expectations are higher today than they have ever been. Not just that, but any negative interactions today can quickly go viral, affecting your business in unimaginable ways. You, therefore, have to nurture your CX strategies carefully and measure their impact constantly. There is no finish line with CX, just a work in progress. 

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