SendPulse's Multichannel Marketing Solution

SendPulse’s Multichannel Marketing Solution: Leveraging Chatbots, Subscription Widgets, and GPT-3 Integration

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In the dynamic world of business, harnessing the power of chatbots has become a game-changer. These virtual assistants streamline customer interactions, boost engagement, and drive conversions. The beauty lies in their accessibility – you don’t need to be a programmer or a tech expert to use them. Platforms like ManyChat, Chatfuel, and MobileMonkey empower businesses to craft and manage chatbots effortlessly.

Even if any of those popular choices isn’t your cup of tea, fear not; the market teems with alternatives for Manychat or Tars or any other top player out there. The plethora of options ensures you find the perfect fit for your business, elevating your marketing automation game without breaking a sweat. And today, we’re going to take a closer look at SendPulse as one of those platforms that you might not have heard about, but could be a game-changer for your chatbot endeavors.

SendPulse’s multichannel marketing solution provides businesses of different sizes with marketing products that boost sales and encourage company success. You can find out how to solve your business problems and reach long-term goals within one platform. Bulk email service, free CRM, landing page builder, course creator, pop-ups, web push notifications, and SMS are the tools you can leverage to promote your product, establish trust, and build credibility.

Since chatbots deliver omnichannel support to clients, there’s a point in discussing SendPulse’s visual chatbot builder in detail. After adding a chatbot to your social media profile, you’ll be able to provide instant 24/7 support, craft personalized offers, answer FAQs, accept payments, and close deals. Chatbots are essential for support teams because they instantly react to users’ inquiries and provide responses based on customer behavior or keywords.

How to create a chatbot flow

Since bots are launched after receiving data about trigger actions or keywords from website visitors, you need to create triggers for your flow. Select keywords that will trigger the flow and start conversations with potential customers. Scheduling a meeting with your customer support team is essential to discuss customers’ frequently asked questions. These questions will help you make up a list of keywords. They will become triggers for your chatbot flow. For instance, if your business sells footwear, clients might often ask about size, material, price, delivery, return policy, etc.

See how easy it is to add keywords for your chatbot flow. They will start conversations with your clients.

SendPulse's Multichannel Marketing Solution
Adding a trigger

Once you add your triggers, develop your chatbot flow. Consider using all the necessary elements on the left panel to build your bot. You can create a chatbot to remind subscribers about events and abandoned carts, thank them for subscriptions and orders, send welcome messages and collect feedback.

The screenshot below shows how you can receive customer feedback or review about a specific event or product. It only takes a few clicks for customers to answer the questions. As a result, you have information for product improvement, and customers only spend a little time answering your questions.

SendPulse's Multichannel Marketing Solution

To develop a seamless series of messages, you can use various elements such as “Message,” “Flow,” “Action,” “Pause,” “Randomizer,” and “API Request.” The “Action” element enables you to forward the chat to your customer support agent when customers need help beyond the bot’s capabilities. With “Action’s” help, you can assign tags to customers and segment them according to variables. Then, send different offers based on the given tags. Besides, the element empowers you to generate a webhook for sending information about events in a chatbot flow to your CRM.

After purchasing a paid plan at $9.60 monthly (if paid annually), you can accept online payments through the most popular payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, Fondy, LiqPay, and others. If you connect the service’s free CRM to your bot, it will automatically create deals after your company receives payments from clients.

With SendPulse’s CRM, you can store contact data, create deals, assign tasks to your teams, communicate with clients through email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook, and keep an eye on employees’ work within one platform. All team members align their work and keep customer data organized.

Customers can pay for your products in one click after you add a payment button to your chatbot flow. Once users click the button with a preferred payment system, they will be redirected to the system’s page. Customers pay for the products, and you instantly receive payments to your account. 

With the chatbot builder, adding an online payment for your product needs seconds to finish. Add a payment button to your message, select the payment system, and insert product details (name and price).

SendPulse's Multichannel Marketing Solution
Chatbot builder

With SendPulse’s chatbot builder, you can set up auto-replies for channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram and win more sales. Without programming skills, you can design a chatbot flow based on your business requirements and add a multichannel subscription widget. The chatbot subscription widget lets you collect prospects’ data and send them personalized campaigns. 

Subscription Widget

You need to place the widget on your site to start communication with clients fast. After a couple of clicks, your prospective customer reaches out to your chatbot and receives answers. Your customer support agents only need to take care of the chat once a customer has some issues a chatbot can’t solve. Adding a widget for your chatbot can help customers avoid time-consuming registration and forms. 

The service provides mobile-friendly widget forms that look good on multiple screens. Consider customizing the widget based on your needs. You can insert your text, change the background, and select a suitable font. 


The platform enables you to integrate GPT-3 with your chatbot, ensure natural communication and solve more customers’ problems. You need to create an OpenAI account and connect it to your chatbot in SendPulse. The model allows you to manage more tasks and provide quality solutions to your customers. With GPT-3, you can train and teach your bot to ensure excellent customer support without agents’ involvement. 

To generate bot replies, consider choosing one of the four AI models: Davinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada. Make sure to select the model that perfectly fits your business purpose. Each of the models has its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you need to generate code, you better consider leveraging Davinci.

After teaching your bot, you can answer FAQs, provide facts, solve life problems, help with math tasks, translate and generate text, manage optimization, proofread, identify keywords, write poetry and summaries, and many more. Your main task is to connect the source of information to your bot and teach it how to answer. If you manage to do it, your customers will receive accurate answers in natural language. The quality of customer support will improve, and more clients will be happy with your brand.


Consider choosing a free or a paid plan, depending on your company goals. The price of the plan changes based on the number of subscribers you want to start a chat with. If the number of your contacts is at most 1,000, feel free to use a free plan. Besides 1,000 subscribers, you’ll have 10,000 messages, 3 bots, and 10 variables. If the number of your contacts goes beyond the mentioned amount, a paid plan will be your perfect choice. 

The Pro plan will cost you $12 per month for 1,000 subscribers. You receive unlimited messages, bots, variables, RSS feeds for auto posting, tags, webhooks, and no SendPulse branding for this price. Moreover, the service doesn’t require you to pay an additional monthly fee for WhatsApp. If you buy the paid plan for a year, the monthly price will reduce to $9.60.

To sum it up, when you use SendPulse to build chatbots, you receive an intuitive interface, easy-to-use service, and GPT-3 for an attractive price. Test the platform to make sure of it.

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