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Nowadays, no one takes notes of essential things or tasks on paper or notepads. Instead, people are utilizing online tools to take notes of important tasks, so that they can access them anytime from anywhere. These people are often referred to as digital notetakers. So, if you are also a digital notetaker, then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to review an online notepad name that can be essential for digital note-takers. So, without wasting any further let’s start the things. – Overview

It is a totally free-to-use notepad that allows users to take note of important data or information online. This will not only eliminate the fear of losing or damaging the saved notes but also give the option to access notes at anytime from anywhere. 

Additionally, this free notepad features a simple-to-understand interface which means users don’t need any technical background to use it. All they have to do is just land on the home page and start typing or pasting the notes that they want to save in digital form. 

Now that you have understood what this tool actually is, let’s head towards its features.

Useful Features of Onlinenotepad: 

Below are some of the major features of that I believe will be enough to convince us it is a must-have tool for digital notetakers. 

Text Formatting Options:

This notepad not only allows the users to save notes online but also offers multiple text formatting options to organize the notes efficiently. The options include: 

  • Adding heading tags (H1 to H6) to the text
  • Making text Bold, Italic, or underlined
  • Using bullets & numbering.

By utilizing these text formatting features, digital notetakers can organize their notes in an efficient yet attractive manner. 

Add Images:

This feature is something that other notepads will not offer. Apart from providing text formatting features, this tool also gives the option to insert images as well. Users can either directly upload the required image from local storage or by pasting it.

Adding an image feature for those who are running out of storage space and now looking for a quick and easy alternative to save essential pictures. 

Multilingual Support:

This online notepad supports three different languages including English, Spanish, and French. This means the speakers of these languages can make use of this tool in their mother tongue as well. 

Different Upload & Download Options

The tool offers multiple upload options, for instance, users can either type or paste the notes in the given input box. If not, then they can upload the required file (txt, .doc, etc.) from their local storage. 

 When it comes to download options, this notepad asks users to select the file format from three options: 

  • Text file 
  • PDF file
  • MS Word PDF file

This will definitely give users a choice to download notes in the format that they like. 

Notes Sharing Options: 

Apart from multiple upload and download options, this notepad also offers multiple sharing options. It allows users to share saved notes to the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter. 

Moreover, it also gives the option to share notes by email or through a link. This feature can be highly beneficial for people (especially students and teachers) who usually work as a team. 

Availability Of Mobile Applications

This notepad offers mobile applications for Android, and iPhone, users. This will be highly beneficial for users who prefer using applications instead of web applications. 

One good thing is that, by using mobile apps, you can synchronize all the saved notes across all your devices. However, users have to sign into the account to synchronize data across different devices. 

Notes Research: 

This feature of the online notepad will allow you to quickly locate the required file. All you have to do is just type the required title or main keyword of the file in the search bar, and the tool will automatically bring it in front of you. 

Offers A Full-Screen Mode: 

By default, users will land on the normal mode in which they can take notes while all tabs opened in the browser and the taskbar will be visible. However, if they click on the full-screen mode, then the tool’s interface will spread on the entire screen. 

Additional Features: 

Apart from the features above, there are additional features that make this notepad a top-notch option for digital notetakers. 

Free to use: This notepad is totally free to use for all, which means that you don’t have to spend a single penny to make use of it. 

Dark mode: It also offers a dark mode, especially for users with sensitive eyes. 

Auto saving: The notepad automatically saves every change you make. This means if you have accidentally closed the tab, then don’t worry, because you can open it again, and will start from where you were left. 

Pros: Cons: 
Simple and free to useThe text in dark mode is difficult to read
Excellent text formatting features
Supports 3 languages
Offers mobile applications
Multiple sharing and downloading options

Final Thoughts

Online notepad can be an essential tool for digital notetakers for several reasons. For instance, it offers multiple formatting features along with an option to insert images. 

Apart from this, there are several other features as well that make this tool an essential tool for notetakers. In this review, I have explained all those features in detail. 

Sharing is Caring

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