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How to Remove Hijacker from Amazon Listing

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Prevent & Remove Hijacker from Amazon listing after hijacking incident.

Safe your Listings from Me too Sellers, specifically for the USA – UAE – KSA & All other Amazon Markets.

6 Steps to Remove Hijacker from Your Amazon Listing:

If you noticed your Amazon listing was hijacked, so what would you do in this situation? Follow the below points to remove hijacker from your Amazon listing:

Amazon Product Branding to remove hijacker.

By registering your brand on Amazon’s Brand Registry, you will have the chance to prove that your trademark is yours, thereby providing you with a quick and straightforward strategy.

Purchase from the hijacker.

The first thing Amazon needs from you is to make test purchases to reinforce your case. When you receive the suspected counterfeit product, take pictures that prove the product isn’t real and lacks your logo or branding. Afterwards contact Amazon customer support and open a counterfeit case against the seller.

Send a closure and give up Letter to Hijackers.

You need to write a cut-it-out letter and communicate with them by means of their Seller Profile connection to request that they remove their offer.

Your company should have a brand website.

By including the same copywriting that you wrote for your Amazon store, you can create a page on your website that lists products and the SKUs linked to each.

Amazon has an Anti-Falsifying Policy you’ll be able to locate in Seller Central’s help archives, which clarifies that they don’t ever make these products available for sale on their platform. If the seller doesn’t react, report the forger to them!

Brand your products:

Ensure your product has your logo and trademark on the physical item and on the packaging to generate trust in the consumer also, try to use this in your product images to help the customer identify an authentic product on his or her own.

Monitor your listings constantly.

Always keep an eye on your Amazon listing to avoid these types of incidents 

Please read the above points and understand them to avoid the hijacking of your Amazon listing by the hijackers.

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