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How to Message Someone on Poshmark

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Poshmark was designed partly as a social-selling platform, which means that users should be able to communicate with potential buyers but it’s not that easy. In this article, you will learn how to message someone and private offers to buyers on Poshmark. This article will definitely help you grow your business on Poshmark and make more money by sending private offers and creating bundles.

If you are a Poshmark VA or a seller and are confused about whether Poshmark allows you to send a message to buyers or not then we help this information might help you. Here we will provide you with all the ways to message someone on Poshmark. Even though the marketplace is supposed to be social, it is difficult and confusing to message buyers.

How to message on Poshmark

You should keep in mind that once you post a message on Poshmark it becomes public. But don’t worry we have another secret way for you to message people on Poshmark.

Ways to send message on Poshmark:

Poshmark allows you to message someone in three ways. Keep reading and go through all of them.

Leave notes on Poshmark

Those wishing to share messages related to an item can leave a comment on any listing by going to that listing and selecting the comment icon. Your cursor will automatically be inserted in the comment box when you open the listing. Write your message and click Send.

Meet The Posher Option:

To send a message to the person/closet, look for a listing called ‘Meet the Posher’ that is automatically created when someone creates a Poshmark account. Since members can delete their Meet the Posher listings, not everyone will have one. It might be hard to find Meet the Posher from the closet if they have many listings. You can click on the “About” button and the listing will appear (if it exists). Write the notes in the comment section of the Meet the Posher listing.

Contact Buyer on Poshmark

Poshmark has another way to send messages. It’s called a bundle (or styling someone). Poshmark bundles can be complicated and confusing, (For details on bundles, visit here, “How to Bundle on Poshmark”) but it does offer the opportunity to privately message the buyer – no messages on Poshmark are private, but bundle messages are harder to find than listings. Once you create the bundle you will be able to write your message there.

How to send a private offer on Poshmark

If you want to send a private offer on Poshmark you will have to create a bundle. To create you can simply share the listing with that individual. Once the bundle is created you can go to sell and click the offer button to send a private offer on Poshmark.

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