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How to become a Pinterest VA (Even Without Experience)

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In this post learn how to become a PINTEREST VA? I will show you just what it takes, and what you need to do NOW, but first, we need to understand why Pinterest is best for successful virtual assistants VAs.

Pinterest has over 450 Million active users. Several businesses rely on Pinterest to bring in a large portion of their income and grow their audience. 43% of the users are from the United States. It is the 4th most used social media platform in the United States. It is something great for businesses and individuals like virtual assistants.

A Pinterest VA is always seen as a fascinating role by people, as it is still a relatively new side hustle and careers are available for most people.

Steps to become a VA:

You can become a VA involves two steps:

1- Learn the service you want to offer i.e., Pinterest.

2- Learn how to offer freelance services on various freelance platforms.

Just read the whole article we’ll explain everything you need to know as a Pinterest VA.

What does a Pinterest VA do?

Clients expect that a Pinterest VA can generate thousands of website traffic per month. Most bloggers use Pinterest as their primary traffic source. Some of them use Pinterest VA for remote work. A Pinterest Virtual Assistant VA helps their client in growing and managing the online presence of their business using Pinterest.

What do I have to do to become a Pinterest VA?

First, you have to learn how to do the Pinterest VA services you like to offer. We’ve listed various things below which you need to learn as Pinterest VA.

How to create pins & boards on Pinterest

Board on Pinterest is just like a notice board of a university where several notices are displayed. On a notice board, a single notification can be called a pin.

Technically, on Pinterest, a pin is a catchy image that redirects users to the website, blog, or store.

Pins are displayed on Pinterest like:

A pin is having a URL, when someone clicks it URL opens the respective page. You can also try to create multiple pins for a single post with different titles to gain more views.

A collection of pins is known as a board, which is displayed like:

How to design pins?

The image on the left is a pin. To become a Pinterest VA you need to design attractive pin images, so you can attract the viewers. In this way, you can gain a high number of impressions and ultimately a high number of views on the website.

You can design pins using Canva easily. It has thousands of pre-made templates and a drag and drops feature which helps users to create catchy images and attract viewers. It has a free and paid version. The paid version gives you more options such as more templates, custom fonts, stock images, and videos, etc.

The second way is to learn Illustrator or Photoshop to create attractive pins which are complicated. I’ll recommend you to use Canva if you have a good budget you can go for paid one otherwise there is no issue using the free one.

Pin Description:

Pinterest is now becoming more like a search engine so a keyword-rich and SEO-optimized Pin description shows up in the searches on Pinterest thus generating more impressions and ultimately more views.

Scheduling Pins:

Scheduling pins is another way to automate Pinterest. As a Pinterest virtual assistant VA one may face difficulty in managing multiple accounts, so a better way is to automate them by scheduling pins. This feature allows scheduling pins. In this way, you can also reduce your workload.

Keyword Research

As we already said, that Pinterest is now being used as a search engine, so you can also do keyword research for better results. You can use tools like Uber Suggest, MOZ, etc.

As keyword research is a whole new skill and there is a lot of stuff to discuss in it, so we cannot explain everything here. You just need to explore these platforms and can enroll in any course which can expand your expertise. Some of the best courses are listed below:

Review Analytics

Pinterest has features known as “Pinterest Analytics” which allows you to view all the analytics and progress of the Pinterest account. It is a free tool that anyone with a Pinterest Business account can use and can monitor key metrics and track performance. By using this feature you can make your strategy.

You can see, for example, which of your Pins contributed the most traffic to your site.

So if you want to become a Pinterest VA you will have to learn and gain experience in all subjects listed above.

How to find jobs as Pinterest VA

There are a lot of platforms that provide you an opportunity to find job-related to Pinterest.

The biggest of them are LinkedIn and Facebook where you can easily find and apply for jobs. But Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer-like platforms can be best for you because these platforms are secure.

You can easily get payments from your clients without any kind of scam. On these platforms, your profile is also growing as you gain experience. So more chances to win projects along with time.

Explore 27 Best Freelance Websites For Beginners 2021 for detailed research.

How much you can earn as Pinterest Virtual Assistant

It depends on different factors like experience, skillset, and customer base. At the start, most Pinterest VA’s make about $10-$15 an hour on freelance platforms like Upwork and freelancer. This helps them generate more than $500 per month.

An experienced Pinterest VA earns about $20-$40 per hour and $1200 per month easily.

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I hope you understand what a Pinterest VA does and the skills a Pinterest manager needs to learn.

Looking for in-depth advice on how to prospect and pitch to Pinterest clients? Enroll in any of the course listed below:

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