Dress Watches For Men

Top 4 Dress Watches For Men

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It is the most important day in your life. You are invited to a special event, and you need to present your best self. While you may have an outfit in mind, a watch can further elevate your look. No matter the occasion, these timepieces can show another side of your personality. The best watch to get for these occasions is a dress watch. These watches can complement your looks. So in this article we will discover Top 4 Dress Watches For Men

If this is your first time getting a dress watch, there are many options to choose from. With many watch brands and manufacturers, there will be one made for you. Remember, the right watch depends on the man’s looks and preferences. Here are the top four dress watches that you should consider!

Grand Seiko SBGW287

Coming from the luxury line of watches, Seiko brings in a burgundy timepiece. Inspired by the Japanese autumn aesthetic, it features a clean dial with a glass coating. When you view the watch at any angle, it can shine through while showing its hand-assembled movement. Fortunately, Seiko Philippines has this in store and it is one of the best dress watches that you can get. One perk is that almost everyone knows the brand. After all, Seiko knows how to make the best timepiece for any event.  

Davosa Classic Automatic

While the Davosa brand is unknown, it offers a charming jewel design. Provided with a leather strap, the watch showcases the tiny jewels set throughout the dial. You see them at the numbers of the clock, and it honors the vintage aesthetic of its time. The movement will not be a problem, as it is an automatic watch. The model comes in a gold-coated case with matching gold-colored threads to further enhance the vintage design.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

If you are into sports watches but need a dress watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre has one for you. It combines the features of a sports watch with dress watch aesthetics. This timepiece is best worn if you are interested in active sports, such as polo. On the Reverso model, it is possible to rotate the dial to reveal a hidden case back. Therefore, you can surprise your guests with a little gimmick as you attend the event. 

Bulova Surveyor 96A275

At 42 mm, this dress watch is best for larger wrists. Unfortunately, there are no models with a smaller case size. Featuring a stainless steel finish, the Bulova watch is best worn at any event. You get automatic movement, and you can show off a piece of luxury at an affordable price. The notable feature is its blue dial, making it stand out from afar.  Made with intricate detail, the quality timepiece can become your new favorite watch in your collection. 

Final Thoughts on Dress Watches For Men

Finding the right dress watch will take careful planning and matching. In the context of events, showing the best of yourself through a dress watch is a must. Remember, the timepiece can show a different side of you without making a statement. Once you find the ideal watch, it can be your go-to accessory for any occasion.

Sharing is Caring

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