This Simple Strategy Changed My Life!

Sharing is Caring

If you want to be successful follow this simple strategy ‘Make new friends who talk about the business’

2 years ago, I saw one of the blog posts of Sir Hisham Sarwar that was ‘Change your friends if they do not talk about the business‘ I didn’t agree much at that time. AND I WAS PROVED WRONG!

A few months later, I saw one of his videos where he said ‘Make 5000 friends on Facebook‘ and he further added ‘Copy my friends or of any other influencer on Facebook‘.

My inner voice said let’s try this because my Facebook feed was worse those days just posts about politics, fighting videos, controversies, memes bla bla bla.

So I increased my network and added new friends on Facebook who talks about business. Now, most of my posts are like success stories, business strategies, motivations, making money online, etc.

Over the past few months, I can clearly see a change in my personality. Here are the improvements I gained and you can gain the same as well if you follow the strategy. I’m more business-oriented. I’m making more money. I don’t let any opportunity go. I don’t waste time. I’m learning new skills. I’m helping newbies in my field. I’m also motivating others to learn new skills which is the best of them all.

Therefore I recommend you make new friends who talk about business and see the change in your personality and thinking.

Thank you for reading this post. If you like this post, like and share to encourage me. Thank You, Sir Hisham Sarwar.

Sharing is Caring

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