best AR Player in Vanguard

How to be the best AR Player in Vanguard

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Vanguard is one of the most popular Call of Duty game titles. From the early release and the latest seasons of the game, there are a lot of assault rifles that can enhance the gameplay of players in Vanguard.

Apart from tactics, tips, and tricks, becoming a superb Assault Rifle player in the game can be advantageous in several ways.

ARs are the most popular and efficient weapons in most FPS games, especially the Call of Duty Series. Besides gameplay improvement, they’re ideal for mid-range combats. You can experiment to find the best match for your play style, from full-auto to four rounds. If you’re new to Vanguard, these COD Vanguard hacks will also give you a good head start.

Meanwhile, let’s explore ways to be the best AR player in Vanguard!

How to be the best AR Player in Vanguard

Understand the AR mechanics 

In Vanguard, all assault rifles come with their unique design and purpose. For instance, the STG44 is a versatile AR that can adapt to various situations. It unlocks at level 1, so you can use it in close-quarters and mid-range combats. Automation opens at level 8 and is perfect for longer ranges thanks to its low recoil and high accuracy.

Bar is a full-auto high-caliber AR with precision for long-distance combats. It unlocks at level 25. The more levels you reach, the more powerful ARs you unlock. Understanding and mastering how they work can be your best bet to win more games in Vanguard.

Be versatile with the ARs.

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of assault rifles playable in COD Vanguard. Sticking to one AR may be ideal, but there’s a lot to gain when you have a broad knowledge and mastery of the different assault rifles available. It helps you know which one would work best in a particular situation.

For instance, if you’re stuck in a fight with enemies at close and longer distances, your best bet can be the AS44. Its fast firing and full-auto capacity can save you, get you more kills, and wins in the game. Also, you can consider Volk for pushing enemies at short-mid-range positions.

Upgrade your assault rifle as required.

Weapon upgrades can transform your weapons into lethal components in Vanguard, making them more potent on enemies. By upgrading your assault rifle, you’re improving its performance in terms of time-to-kill speed, mag size, precision, etc.

On the other hand, you can find some attachments that would work well with your preferred AR. Look out for the Surplus Kit because it has all the necessary attachments that suit all weapons. It will enhance the gun and boost your entire gameplay in Vanguard. 

Play in shooter-friendly modes.

Vanguard has several game modes, including Patrol, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Team Deathmatch, etc. Winning most of these modes entails more gunfights. By playing in shooter-friendly modes, you can improve your weapon skills. You’ll master how to aim precisely and quickly, as well as shoot out the target at the same time.

One of the best game modes to try is the Team Deathmatch mode. It’s a multiplayer mode that supports teamwork and effective communication. The main objective is to get rid of opposing team players. 

Accessible for All is another mode in Vanguard to consider where all players battle to remain alone at the end. Playing these modes with an AR can make you the best over time.

Learn from pro-AR players.

You can find several professional AR players in various game titles online. It’s advisable to find one in line with your game title and learn from him. From usage to upgrade, there are a lot of tips and advice you could get to take your gameplay to the next level.

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You’re likely to learn a new AR combination to take to a fight. You may learn how to manage bullets and still get more kills. You could even learn from their mistakes and avoid them in your next game. Furthermore, you can even follow your preferred pro-AR players on socials to get recent updates when they make posts. 


Becoming the best AR player in Vanguard is impossible in a day or two. It’s a gradual process, and these tips are just what you need to begin your journey to the top. So, first of all, understand the AR mechanics. 

Secondly, be versatile with the assault rifles in Vanguard. Also, always upgrade your weapon as required to keep it up-to-date. Participating in shooter-friendly modes can improve your aiming skills and boost your progress to becoming the best AR player. Finally, learn from pro-AR players. It can be your best bet.

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