the basics of aws

The Basics of AWS

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Amazon Web Services (AWS), Inc (AMZNcloud ) ‘s platform, has grown into a significant component of the e-commerce giant’s business portfolio.

AWS generated a record $14.8 billion net sales in the second quarter of 2021, accounting for slightly more than 13% of Amazon’s total net sales. In addition, AWS has grown at a 30% annual rate in recent quarters, putting it ahead of competitors such as Microsoft Azure.

What is AWS

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services (AWS for short). It is a crucial component of Amazon’s business portfolio and generated a large profit for the e-commerce giant. It comprises many different cloud computing products and services.  

Amazon’s highly profitable server division offers servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security. AWS’s main products are EC2, Amazon’s virtual machine service; Glacier, a low-cost cloud storage service; and S3, Amazon’s storage system.

AWS has surpassed its competitors in size and presence in the computing world. According to one independent analyst, AWS has more than a third of the market at 32.4% as of the first quarter of 2021, with Azure coming in second at 20% and Google Cloud coming in third at 9%.

How AWS Works

Due to how profit-generating AWS is, many IT professionals pursue AWS training to get to greener pastures. In addition, AWS is divided into different services, each of which can be configured differently depending on the user’s needs. Users can view AWS service configuration options and individual server maps.

The AWS portfolio includes over 200 services, including computing, databases, infrastructure management, application development, and security. These services are classified as follows:

  • compute
  • storage
  • databases
  • data management
  • migration
  • hybrid cloud
  • networking
  • development tools
  • management
  • monitoring
  • security
  • governance
  • big data management
  • analytics
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • mobile development
  • messages and notification


AWS offers services from dozens of data centers spread across 87 availability zones (AZs) in different regions worldwide. An AZ is a physical location that houses multiple data centers. A region is a collection of AZs connected by low-latency network links that are geographically close together.

For many reasons, a region may choose some AZs, including compliance and availability optimization. 

For example, an AWS customer can spin up virtual machines (VMs) and replicate data across AZs to create a highly reliable cloud infrastructure resilient to individual server or data center failures.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a service that provides compute capacity through virtual servers known as EC2 instances. The Amazon EC2 service provides various instance types with varying capacities and sizes. These are designed for specific workloads and applications, such as memory-intensive and accelerated computing jobs. AWS also offers Auto Scaling, a tool for dynamically scaling capacity to maintain instance health and performance.


Because AWS charges based on usage, start-ups, and small businesses can see the benefits of using Amazon for their computing needs, AWS is ideal for starting a business from the ground up because it provides all the tools required for businesses to get started with the cloud. In addition, Amazon offers low-cost migration services for existing businesses, allowing your existing infrastructure to transfer to AWS seamlessly.

AWS provides resources to help a company expand as it grows. Customers will never have to worry about whether or not they need to rethink their computing usage because the business model allows for it. Aside from budgetary considerations, businesses could realistically “set and forget” all of their IT systems.

Wrapping Up

The development of Amazon Web Services has become a cash cow for Amazon. As a result, services are reshaping the computing world in the same way that Amazon is reshaping the retail space in America.

Sharing is Caring

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