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Where to Look for Houses with Pools?

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Homes with pools have been hitting the market quickly, and luxury builders and property developers are willing to oblige. Buckeye is a city located in central Arizona, in the Buckeye Valley. According to the 2020 census, it has a total population of 91,502 and is the fastest-growing city in the US.

There are various homes for sale in Buckeye with pool, from traditional pool homes to pool villas. However, aside from the amenities available with the house, it is also important to understand the HOA’s restrictions. Alternatively, you can look for a community without an HOA. 

What is a Non-HOA Community?

Non-HOA communities are a type of community that a homeowners association does not govern. These communities are typically formed through land sales to developers, who then build single-family homes. 

Some people who live in such communities argue that these communities offer a better quality of life than traditional HOA communities. These communities often have less restrictive rules and regulations, making them more affordable.

Why Would Someone Desire to Purchase a House with a Pool?

For several reasons, someone might choose to buy a home with a pool. Some people might want it to cool off during the summer, while others might use it as a place to swim or play during the winter. 

Due to Arizona’s long, bright days, one could schedule some time at the pool. A pool can be a great addition to the home for people looking for a place to raise a family. Some people might also want to buy a home with a pool because it is a unique and stylish home feature. 

Some homeowners can even make money by renting out their pools. They are also a good investment because having them increases the property’s value.

Tips to Buyers on Buying Houses with a Pool

Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for homes with pools: 

  • Make sure the home has a pool in good condition – the pool deck, fencing, and pool area are all in good condition.
  • Ensure it is located in a good neighborhood with no other pools and check if all nearby roads are in good condition.
  • The pool should be big enough for more than one person to use for a few days. Ensure that there aren’t too many houses surrounding it.
  • Check the pool area in a way that does not have a lot of debris that could fall and cause a significant problem with your home.
  • If the pool does need upkeep, make sure to know what maintenance is necessary and check that it is being carried out.
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Availability of Homes for Sale Here

The typical listing price of a property in Buckeye, Arizona, in June 2022 was $465K, rising 21.3 percent over the previous year. These properties include several “hot homes,” which means they will probably sell soon. About $245 was the average listing price per square foot for homes. 

In June 2022, the median price at which homes in Buckeye, Arizona, sold was the same as the asking price, meaning there is very little scope for negotiations about the price. There were more buyers in the market than available properties, making it a seller’s market. 

Homes for sale in Buckeye with a pool can be a fantastic addition and serve as a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and hosting pool parties. Whether you’re looking for a pool in a traditional neighborhood or a pool villa in a more exclusive area, it has the perfect home for everyone.

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